[thelist] Re: thelist Digest, Vol 16, Issue 36

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 18 20:02:20 CDT 2004

On Friday, June 18, 2004, at 04:03 AM, thelist-request at lists.evolt.org 
> This is good. Usability studies almost inevitably come to the 
> conclusion
> that new windows are harmful (and lead to panicked users wondering why
> their back button is greyed out).

I gotta disagree on this for the following:
I HATE links that open PDFs or other non-HTML files unexpectedly in the 
same window. Especially do I hate it if my plugin chokes and the 
browser crashes. Then I have to start all over.

I MUCH prefer PDF and Word docs and all that other stuff to open in a 
new blank window. It is a shame to eliminate such a useful attribute.


Don't be afraid to try something new. An amateur built the ark. 
Professionals built the Titanic. -unknown

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