brainwank (was RE: [thelist] using to run commands)

Ken Schaefer ken at
Fri Jun 18 21:10:36 CDT 2004

Um - it should exist if you've updated your browser. The same scripting
engines provide javascript support when browsing webpages (for example).

In any case you can download WSH v5.6 for Windows NT here:

The usual reason you don't see anything on the desktop is because the
account that the webpage is running under does not have "interact with the
desktop" privileges -and- it's not the same account as that which you're
logged on interactively with.


From: "Joel D Canfield" <joel at>
Subject: brainwank (was RE: [thelist] using to run commands)

> I'm experimenting with for some automation. This code
> returns no errors, but it doesn't do anything, either (I've
> run it on a
> client, and on the web server.)

Note to self: the Windows Script Host doesn't exist on *NT Server*, so
although I might have expected an error, it sure won't invoke other
executables if it doesn't exist.

Sorry for talking to myself so publicly.


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