[thelist] using wscript.shell to run commands

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sat Jun 19 00:49:22 CDT 2004

> (3) I'm guessing this is a test case and what you really want to do 
> is a lot trickier ... otherwise I'd suggest just grabbing the 
> filesystemobject and looping through the files.

Correct. I'll be using ftp, which I can do from a command prompt, but
not, as far as I know, in VBScript in a web page, which is how I'm
automating the rest of the process (using, among other things, the

I'm discovering that lots of the manual tasks we perform here can be
automated with a combination of DOS stuff (it does recursive directories
with wildcards *really* fast) and FSO. I want to build modular tools
which will accept and output plain text as far as possible, so we can
plug 'em in and take 'em out however works best, and reuse 'em wherever
they fit.

What's really wrong right now, as I wrote in my follow up, is that NT
Server doesn't natively have the Windows Script Host, so instantiating
the WScript.Shell object ain't gonna happen. The box I'm working on is
wonky anyway (hardware), so they're gonna give me a more stable Win2K
box and I'll be back in my natural habitat.


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