[thelist] refreshing form in firefox doesn't revert to default formvalues

Craig cd-ml at aardvark.net.au
Sat Jun 19 06:14:20 CDT 2004

Hi Sarah,

You wouldn't have the Google toolbar installed (IE6) would you? it has an
auto-fill-in-form "feature".

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> For most people I'm sure this feature is helpful, but when I'm trying to
> develop a web application it's not - here's what I mean:
> - I have a form, some fields have default values, some do not
> - I go to the form, fill in some fields, realize I need to make a change
> to the HTML
> - I make the change, save the (in this case) .cfm file, and refresh the
> form in my browser
> - the fields I've filled in are still filled in, despite the refresh -
> this means clicking 'back' and redoing whatever action I took to get to
> the form (clicking a link, submitting "step 1" of a multi-step form,
> whatever)
> Does anyone know of a way to turn this behaviour off?
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