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Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Sat Jun 19 07:44:03 CDT 2004

El vie, 18-06-2004 a las 17:52, Chris Hayes escribió:
> >Not meaning to offend you by any means but this is nonsense.
> I can't be offended that simply ;)  This is what some clients insist upon,
> on pain of not paying up.

Ah, OK. I just said it wasn't a sensible thing to believe in, and a web
pro should know better than that. Of course, clients believe in a lot of
crazy things :)
> lol, but not at all.  Why don't all applications open in the same
> application window? And then you have to click back 20 times to get to back
> to the word doc you were editing first thing in the morning?

I remember a fascinating weblog post about how a lot of software
standards, such as the 'save' button, were inherited from conditions
that were no more and was just tradition what kept then in place. I
can't remenber where i read that.

Then again, desktop apps and web spaces don't necessarily behave by the
same principles.
> Links pages do exactly that.  My beautifully crafted, well thought-out site
> will be left for a no doubt lesser site ;)  

So, even if i'm a really nice person i won't have any friends because my
house has an exit door? No way.

Again, as i said before, i simply don't believe in any valuable site
that suffers any loss of popularity due to people leaving unknowingly
and being unable to find it again.
It's a myth, it's an urban legend, it simply doesn't happen :)

> For a meagrely able browser user, not opening a new window is a real pain
> the ----.

So, people loves new-window links and hates conventional links? Ummmm

> Once the user has left my site the time and effort I've spent compiling for
> them the uber links page will most likely be wasted, and the user has no
> easy quick jump back to where they really want to be.. on my fantasticly
> resourceful links page :)  I don't want to trap them, I want to help them.
Please, someone tell Google this ASAP, because that poor kids have it so
wrong :o)

> Good, down with <blink> :)  target="_blank" however is functionally very
> useful, if not indispensable, when used with care.  We shouldn't need to
> rely on scripting to get it back.

Yes, we should. structure to the markup, style to the CSS, behaviour to
the scripts, power to the people, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

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