[thelist] Site Check - MAC IE 4.5 Help

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Sat Jun 19 14:57:36 CDT 2004

On 19/6/04 6:02 pm, "Brian W. Reaves" <brian at brianreaves.com> wrote:

> Hello List,
> I do not have access to a MAC and I have been told there is a problem
> with the rendering of (http://spiralwinder.com/) on MAC IE 4+. Any help
> would be greatly be appreciated.

I'll struggle to give you a definitive answer but I hope I can give you a
few pointers.

I think you'll find there are very few Mac IE4 users. I have IE5.2 and only
use it when I have to. In IE5.2 your content is to the bottom right of the
list and its probably the floats giving the trouble. Have you thought of
absolutely positioning the list?

The code seems overly complicated to me and I find the more divs I have the
harder it is to find the culprit.

A note on the css. You specify margin and padding by -top, -bottom, -left
and -right (4 lines). Why don't you write - margin: t r b l; padding: t r b
It makes your code a lot shorter and a lot neater.

Take a look at 

Its inspirational.

Chris price

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