[thelist] questions for clients without a clue about websites

Maximillian Schwanekamp anaxamaxan at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Jul 5 02:14:56 CDT 2004

Johnson, Christopher (MTO) wrote:
> I am looking for a series of questions that I can send to a new client to
> focus their minds and their planning in regards to their website. They
> a website and they can see the importance of having a website, but they
> don't have the slightess idea as to what to put on their website and/or
> to effectively use a webstie.
> I remember a year or so ago someone posted a link to a questioniare that
> could send to a client that contained a list of questions that really
> to focus the clients mind on the real use of their websites. Questions
> included sunjects like the intended audience, the intended means of
> information, the motivation for having the site, the expected result from
> having the site, and so on.

Sarah Sweeney said:
Someone posted this to thelist a while ago; not sure if it's the one
you're looking for, but it should give you some ideas anyway:
Again, maybe not what you're thinking of, but another example (this one from
Zeldman's Happy Cog):

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