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> > Mike Hopkins wrote:
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> >> Just for my personal reference, can you offer stats for 
> the number of 
> >> people who surf in other-than-maximized states? Or sources 
> for that 
> >> information? Those numbers would have serious implications for web 
> >> design.
> >
> > Turn it around; what stats can you offer about people using their 
> > browsers in a *maximized* state?
> >
> > I've personally seen maybe a dozen such cases since 1993, so I'd 
> > assume it's aberrant behavior :-)
> I have no stats and do not understand why they would be useful. What 
> does "maximized" really mean? If I have my taskbar on the 
> side instead 
> of the bottom how does that affect the meaning of maximized? 
> What if I 
> am using a Mac? What if I have 800x600 resolution or something else? 
> What if my screen is not maximized, but I still stretch it to fill as 
> much space as possible?
> Probably the best stats would be those relevant to your project. You 
> could use web reporting to determine this information, if your 
> reporting tool gives you the capability to gather customized data. It 
> wouldn't be totally reliable data, but it might give you an idea. By 
> not reliable I mean that I believe IE has a javascript window 
> property 
> for determining if a window is maximized, but I do not know how many 
> other browsers also have that property or a similar one.
> (p.s. I observed someone yesterday who likes to use his 
> browser in full 
> screen mode.)
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