[thelist] Identify a Web Crawler's request

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Tue Jul 6 15:28:27 CDT 2004

Dear list,

For those who took my question seriously, thank you, you helped me a lot!

For all the rest... I am sorry, but no one can ignore the fact that IE
rules! Over 90% use IE (from ver 4 to 6). I am aware of all security issues,
and performance and blah... blah... blah... but the bottom line is that the
user does not care about it and USES internet explorer...

I created a site for internal uses, where I can set "system requirements"
for browsing it.

I guess there are better browsers, but for this project I simply don't

For those who giggled while reading about those 90%:

Take a look at "Web Browsers Used to Access Google". I think that with the
rating Google's site has we can rely on the fact that their info reflects
the real world numbers.

Good day, and thanks again!

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You want your users to "upgrade" to IE6?

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I am working on a site, which requires IE6. In order to prevent users who
work with other browsers from accessing the site I wrote some kind of filter
to check the user agent string, and redirect the user to an
upgrade-your-browser page.
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