The need for IE-only sites? (was RE: [thelist] Identify a Web Crawler's request)

Manuel González Noriega manuel at
Tue Jul 6 15:40:45 CDT 2004

El mar, 06-07-2004 a las 22:28, David Travis escribió:
> Dear list,

> For all the rest... I am sorry, but no one can ignore the fact that IE
> rules! Over 90% use IE (from ver 4 to 6). I am aware of all security issues,
> and performance and blah... blah... blah... but the bottom line is that the
> user does not care about it and USES internet explorer...
> I created a site for internal uses, where I can set "system requirements"
> for browsing it.
> I guess there are better browsers, but for this project I simply don't
> care...

David, there are some interesting issues to discuss about this
situation, if you will

a) If your users will be using IE6 to access the site, why is there a
need to look for non-IE users in the user-agent string?

b) Any well coded site that works ok in IE6 cannot be too screwed in
other browsers. What's the worry?

c) Related to b), there are zillions of sites that work perfectly with
and without IE. What's so special about yours? What IE-only features did
you code for?

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