[thelist] Is a super-slick installation necessary?

Bill Creswell BillC at VanEerden.com
Wed Jul 7 05:52:19 CDT 2004

>My thought is that a hard-core admin would want to know exactly what's
on, even if it means taking 20 minutes to install the service instead of

One would presume correctly that I am not a hard core admin, but I would

like the 2 minute install, but I would like to know
1. What it is going to do before it does it (intro/options)
2. What it is doing as it goes along (progress)
3. What it has done when it is complete. (log)

Sort of like the RH linux op system load, where I can watch what
it loads and see success or failure as it goes.

Bill Creswell
Van Eerden Distribution

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