[thelist] Mozilla and Hebrew (WAS Identify a Web Crawler'srequest)

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Wed Jul 7 12:44:05 CDT 2004

Note, I am on our side--I am all in favor of standards and cross-browser
coding. I am just asking what people think.

Oh, so I am "they"? hehehe, look, we are all in the same side, but there are
things that need to be taken into account besides "standards". Did anyone
here hear the term ROI? Did anyone here take into account the fact that
working on one site for a long time actually delays other development

Come on people! I must admit I am surprised by the amount of naïve things
said in this discussion. People talk about businesses, yet they fail to take
into account business considerations.

Please, think again before shooting into the air those old mantras about
standard, there is more to it when it comes to businesses. Don't get me
wrong, when you can stick to the standards, but if you find it costs you too
much than think business.

I am not trying to provoke, just thinking out loud.


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> I know that thousands of people can use Mozilla with i18n and bi-di
> charsets, myself included. http://mozilla.org.il/, looks ok
> to me. But
> sadly I only understand the latin fragments (and sometimes not even
> that) - but ask around, it does work...

The Hebrew there looks fine to me. OK, the font happens to be a bit ugly,
but it is certainly anyhow entirely readable.

Regarding this IE-only issue, can I ask a potentially irksome question: Do
others not estimate that non-IE users fall into certain socio-economic

What I mean is that my uneducated guess is that the average
businessman/executive in the USA uses IE because he uses Windows and it's
already there. He's not interested in standards and he relies on his tech
guy to deal with security--why would he invest his time installing some
other browser?

The Lynx and Firefox users I would guess tend to be the same kinds of people
who might be interested in reading Slashdot.com--and those readers are
potentially of a certain group--I mean the site does call itself "News for
NERDS", doesn't it?

Note, I am on our side--I am all in favor of standards and cross-browser
coding. I am just asking what people think.


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