The need for IE-only sites? (was RE: [thelist] Identify a Web Crawler's request)

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at
Wed Jul 7 12:20:10 CDT 2004

--- David Travis <dwork at> wrote:
> Me again... Xmls are only an example... I guess I failed to reflect it in my
> post. Add to it also user experience using proprietary DHTML, styles, and
> ActiveXs.

I think the point some folks are trying to make is you don't need to use PROPRIETARY DHTML when
non-propreitary DHTML exists. Frankly, its often better coded too. There are alternatives to using
ActiveX components. Especially since IE is such a security problem. 

> Remember that only since N6 Mozilla browsers actually started supporting
> cool stuff, which were supported LONG time before in IE. That's a fact I had
> to cope with when the project started.

Aren't you building something NOW? Why do you bring up the fact about NS6 which was years ago?
What do you mean by "cool stuff?" Lots of bust-out companies in the era had "cool stuff"
too. They're all out of business.

> Again, the Hebrew issue... when you develop a site that has to look good you
> cannot compromise on "ugly fonts" as someone stated in one of the posts
> regarding Netscape's Hebrew rendering...

IIRC, Hershel said it was perfectly readable. If it's not aesthically pleasing as you would like
maybe that's a legitimate issue. But it still *works* in NS6+ and is readable, why ignore those


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