[thelist] Mozilla and Hebrew (WAS Identify a Web Crawler'srequest)

Jason Lustig jasonlustig at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 7 12:24:02 CDT 2004

David Travis wrote:

> Come on people! I must admit I am surprised by the amount of naïve things
> said in this discussion. People talk about businesses, yet they fail to take
> into account business considerations.

I don't think that it's so naive. I think that coding to standards makes 
  MORE business sense than coding to IE. It reduces bandwidth (something 
that costs money over time, rather than CPU cycles on the server, which 
you already paid for), reduces development time, and future-proofs your 
site so that when there is a LARGE group of non-IE-users out there 
(which will happen, sooner or later) you won't have to totally re-do 
your site so that your viewers will be able to access it without 
downgrading their browser. It just makes business sense!


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