[thelist] CSS + DIVS vs Tables

brian cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Wed Jul 7 12:42:06 CDT 2004

Michael Pemberton wrote:

> So, my question is, is it possible to obtain a standards-compliant, 
> DIV-based, CSS coded layout that has the following features:

yup, very possible.

> I have played with the code for a week or so, and am still finding 
> problems with IE.  I have found many sites that say I need to look at 
> the "float" property to get the required look.  But IE keeps randomly 
> wrapping the right hand column to beneath my left-hand column.

Sounds like you're running into problems with IE's rendering of the box 
model.  if it's too wide, it will get pushed down.

> I am also not sure about the float option allowing me to make sure 
> that the content section is never overlapped by my navigation panels.

Honestly, for the layout you suggest, i would use absolute positioning 
over floats.  In my opinion, floats are good for 2 column designs, or 
lining up 2 main 'cells', but after that, you're going to run into the 
exact problems you are hitting and then some.  further more, you only 
have left and right as options- so your 4 column footer is simply out of 
the question--  again, unless you hack up the floating properties and 
use some crazy margins- but at that point, why not just position absolutely?

> http://www.michaelpemberton.net/intranet.png

Your link won't load for me.

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