[thelist] RE: The need for IE-only sites?

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Wed Jul 7 21:38:38 CDT 2004

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> C'mon guys. Let's get really truly honest about this. Does it really
> matter? I mean REALLY? Do web standards actually, really truly matter?
> I want to believe. I believe they should matter. I've even got
> Zeldman's book right here. I'm a believer. But DO standards ACTUALLY
> matter? Maybe they really don't. In the real world, when we look up
> from our favorite web logs and turn away from our rarified, ivory tower
> web worker world, there's nearly no valid, standards-compliant code out
> there and nobody cares.
> But, if standards actually do matter, how on earth do I find that job?
> Where is it?
> OK. I'm really gonna send this.
> Diane

An interesting commentary on this:

"Part of this is due to the fact that a decade with the Web has clarified
what this thing is and what it is best suited for, and that the
controversies and teapot jihads which used to strike me as so very savory
now feel as if they're entirely beside the point. The battles have been
fought and won; I can't imagine that there's much of anything interesting
left to say about Web design, and frankly I wonder about the priorities of
those who can still work up a good head of steam behind discussions of Flash
or Jakob Nielsen or the proper amount of respect due to so-called gurus."

-- http://www.v-2.org/displayArticle.php?article_num=766

For my part, I build things with CSS, and well formed, valid CSS. Good for
me. Will that stop me doing things to 'fix' presentation for different
browsers? No. It doesn't "matter" if my design doesn't look the same in
different browsers (Damn IE and the dotted border bug!), but if I can get it
that way? I'm gonna do it.


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