[thelist] RE: The need for IE-only sites?

Richard Osborne R.M.Osborne at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jul 8 04:12:03 CDT 2004

Standards are a life thing, not just a web thing:

What if people just drove on whichever side of the road they fancied?
What if a dollar in Kansas was worth less than a dollar in Washington?
What if an IP address in China was calculated in a different way to an IP
address in the UK?

Sometimes these things may be difficult to justify in words, but it's
obvious that standards are what holds the world together; they even make
this list possible. Without them, we wouldn't even be having this

Sometimes you have to set-up a cluster of local standards for your
particular task, and that's fine. Just don't expect them to work outside of
your little world.

If you want to play in the big world, you have to use the big standards.

Rich Osborne.

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