The need for IE-only sites? (was RE: [thelist] Identify a Web Crawler's request)

Greg Holmes greg.holmes at
Thu Jul 8 08:24:37 CDT 2004

Robert Gormley wrote:

>Say that shop sells caravans/trailers, and you know that, but
>you wander in on foot. Is it the shop's fault that your arms
>and legs aren't appropriate tools to pull the caravan away
>when you buy it?

Er, slight flaw in your metaphor - to be accurate, the shop won't
let you even *look* at the trailers if you come on foot (or by
bus, or limo, or private plane, or bicycle).

In fact, they insult you, and tell you to come back in a truck
(and a *Ford* truck, not a Chevy or Toyota) if you even want to
*think* about shopping there.

Greg Holmes

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