[thelist] Setting and breaking standards (was Re: The need for IE-only sites?)

Michael Pemberton evolt at mpember.net.au
Thu Jul 8 10:00:08 CDT 2004

Greg Holmes wrote:
> In fact, they insult you, and tell you to come back in a truck
> (and a *Ford* truck, not a Chevy or Toyota) if you even want to
> *think* about shopping there.

But there are still examples where this approach is applied and 
(reluctantly) accepted.

I recently applied for a job to be told that I have to prove who I am. 
They would not accept a drivers license, utility bill, general photo ID, 
credit card or even a Stat. Dec.  They would only accept a Birth 
Certificate, but a copy of one was allowed.

I have also had experience with recruitment firms that would only accept 
my resume in the form of a Word(tm) document.  RTF or even Plain Text 
was not allowable.

Some companies see it as their right to force a process on the end-user. 
  It is not necessarily a good practise, but it happens in most parts of 
the business world.

If a decision has been made to use a method of coding that limits the 
functionality, that is one thing.  But if the only method of getting the 
functionality required means using a plugin or proprietory tag, then the 
decision may be justified.

To keep the automobile story going: How many people have been in a 
situation where you are looking at a high cost to repair damage to a car 
or scrap it and buy a new one.  If the end-cost of one option works out 
to be less than the other, then the decision can sometimes be made for you.

Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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