[thelist] OEM CDs

Michael Pemberton evolt at mpember.net.au
Thu Jul 8 10:14:54 CDT 2004

Dan McCullough wrote:

> I hope this isnt offtopic, if it is please let me know and I will supply
> a tip.
> The only reason I am asking is that I cannot find any reports or
> anything other then purchase information while googling for  OEM CD's,
> like http://qualityoemsoft.biz, I'm asking because my dad is interested
> in purchasing a copy and I warned him, but then couldn't find anything
> substancal.
> Anyone
> dan

Here are a few tips that the site is probably selling pirate or "grey 
market" units:

The site appears to be rushed together.  The navigation links that form 
the "Quick Store Index" are all linked to the *current* page.  This 
means they only work on the main page.  On any other page, they just 
just fail.

As a legal requirement, OEM software may only be packaged with related 
hardware.  I remember a case a while ago, where a company sold you a $10 
mouse to then offer a reduced price on the software being sold.

Be careful when buying from someone who doesn't have a phone number of 
postal address.

Hopefully this helps.

Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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