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I'm always worried about the looks to good to be true, and backup
software and such.  Both of my PC guys had nothing to say as in they
didn't know anything right or wrong so I thought I should put it out to
a larger group.

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Dan McCullough wrote:

> I hope this isnt offtopic, if it is please let me know and I will
> a tip.
> The only reason I am asking is that I cannot find any reports or
> anything other then purchase information while googling for  OEM CD's,
> like http://qualityoemsoft.biz, I'm asking because my dad is
> in purchasing a copy and I warned him, but then couldn't find anything
> substancal.
> Anyone
> dan

Here are a few tips that the site is probably selling pirate or "grey 
market" units:

The site appears to be rushed together.  The navigation links that form 
the "Quick Store Index" are all linked to the *current* page.  This 
means they only work on the main page.  On any other page, they just 
just fail.

As a legal requirement, OEM software may only be packaged with related 
hardware.  I remember a case a while ago, where a company sold you a $10

mouse to then offer a reduced price on the software being sold.

Be careful when buying from someone who doesn't have a phone number of 
postal address.

Hopefully this helps.

Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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