[thelist] RE: the standards thread

Mr. Tenuta dtportnoy at videotron.ca
Thu Jul 8 14:05:53 CDT 2004

Great applaud to such an amazing discussion.

I'm starting to strengthen my base as a web designer/programmer and have
learned so much already just by joining evolt. This discussion on
standardization has really opened my eyes. As I began to be more aware of
these standards I wondered if they were really all that important, and well,
I am convinced they are.

I have already done work with crappy, lazy, messy, non-standard code and boy
what a mess. I just wasn't aware at the time on what standardization brings
to the table.

Personally, I would push my clients towards complying with the standards,
but if they were to reject the proposition it would be their loss. At the
end of the day I know I tried and well either way I'll get payed.

Thanks for the insight everyone!


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