[thelist] Multi level Password Protection Help!

Audrey Blumeneau blumeneau at aboutaudrey.com
Thu Jul 8 14:41:43 CDT 2004

Greetings all:

I have a situation that is new to me and am in need of help ASAP!

I have a client who wants a password protected site. However, what he wants 
is far more complex (of course). He has four levels of files - partners, 
committed investors, potential investors and potential buyers. He wants all 
of these to be password protected. He wants it set so that if "Bob and 
Jane" call him up and want to be potential investors, he can give them a 
user ID and password that will give them access to certain files. If they 
like what they see and become committed investors, he wants me to make it 
so that their password now allows them to view files that were previously 
not privy to them. It would be seamless to Bob and Jane.

In addition he wants to be able to have a log out and be able to time-out 
of the session.....AND he wants to track each person on where they go on 
the site and how long they stayed there...this is all part of some 
marketing thing and is limited to selected people (this site will not be 
open to the search engines....).

I have never set anything up like this before and at the time was happy to 
expand my knowledge. However, time is running short and I need something 
quick and easy. Can someone either show/tell or point me to a site/program 
that I can use to set something like this up?
(the idea is that I would be maintaining it in the long run...)

I am not sure who is going to host this web site....any suggestions would 
also be appreciated in this regard!

I appreciate any help and or advice you can give me.

Oh, and he wants this all yesterday!!! Well....he would like this up and 
running ASAP. I sure do hope there is someone out there who can help!!! (do 
I sound desperate!!!)


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