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> I have a client who wants a password protected site. However, what
he wants
> is far more complex (of course).

I have used this and it works very well. Has everything in your list
and more:
See my sig for hosting, or check out another at:


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He has four levels of files - partners,
> committed investors, potential investors and potential buyers. He
wants all
> of these to be password protected. He wants it set so that if "Bob
> Jane" call him up and want to be potential investors, he can give
them a
> user ID and password that will give them access to certain files.
If they
> like what they see and become committed investors, he wants me to
make it
> so that their password now allows them to view files that were
> not privy to them. It would be seamless to Bob and Jane.
> In addition he wants to be able to have a log out and be able to
> of the session.....AND he wants to track each person on where they
go on
> the site and how long they stayed there...this is all part of some
> marketing thing and is limited to selected people (this site will
not be
> open to the search engines....).
> I have never set anything up like this before and at the time was
happy to
> expand my knowledge. However, time is running short and I need
> quick and easy. Can someone either show/tell or point me to a
> that I can use to set something like this up?
> (the idea is that I would be maintaining it in the long run...)
> I am not sure who is going to host this web site....any suggestions
> also be appreciated in this regard!
> I appreciate any help and or advice you can give me.
> Oh, and he wants this all yesterday!!! Well....he would like this
up and
> running ASAP. I sure do hope there is someone out there who can
help!!! (do
> I sound desperate!!!)
> Cheers,
> Audrey
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