[thelist] e-newsletter services

J Nicholas Tolson jtnt at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 8 16:13:51 CDT 2004

On 7/8/04 3:22 PM, "Tobias Wright" <tobias at bellzon.com> wrote:

> I'm looking for recommendations for a web-based e-newsletter service for a
> newsletter that my client send out 2-3 times a week to about 5000
> subscribers.

I've used a service called MessageReach.com by a company called Xpedite.com
for many clients. They offer good customer service, good rates, and a
scalable solution if you want to move into more so-called campaign

Before this, we used MailerMailer (mentioned previously by someone else).

I've also had others recommend services such as Topica as well.

Good luck in your search. This dovetails nicely with a new mailing house
search I am conducting, so I'd be interested to hear who you go with and
your experience with them.



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