[thelist] OEM CD's

Robert Hanson rhanson at mva.com
Thu Jul 8 17:02:22 CDT 2004

If you want to send your CC info to this company, then you get what you pay
for - someone who takes your CC for a ride.  Seriously, you don't get any
software, just a very large credit card bill on your next statement.  Note
that there is no company address or phone number.  It also advises you to
wait 4 weeks to receive your software - and that if you havn't received it,
they will resend it.  In the meantime, they hope you haven't gotten your CC
bill yet.

If you go on to actually try to purchase something, you'll go to a "secure"
credit card processing site with an invalid security certificate (issued by
"Snake Oil, Inc", no less).

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