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Michael Dinowitz mdinowit at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 17:51:26 CDT 2004

The url below would be better and I do mention something like it for a
future article.
would be one way of doing it
would be another. 
I prefer to do it within CF rather than within the webserver due to my
bias. I believe that doing it within the webserver would basically
mean that the url that's being called is captured and redirected
rather than being gone to directly. Also, I just think it's kind of
ugly. You have no idea what's being passed, why, where, what it means,
etc. What happens when your looking for a file 3 directories down
rather than 2. How does the url rewriter know where the url stops and
the variables begin.
But bottom line is that if both work and both work well, the decision
to use one over another is one of style.

> While it does a good job of explaining how to do that, would the following
> URL format even be "better"?
> http://www.houseoffusion.com/cf_lists/message/4/33724/
> Using URL rewriting tools, this new URL structure could be used in place of
> the original quite easily with only a single rule... aka 1 line of code,
> literally.  The only trick is to then rewrite the parts of the site that
> generate links to the new format--but you'd have to do this no matter what,
> even with the technique described in the article.
> Thoughts?
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