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Tim Beadle tim.beadle at iop.org
Fri Jul 9 02:29:23 CDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 23:51, Michael Dinowitz wrote:
> I prefer to do it within CF rather than within the webserver due to my
> bias.

Just a quick question: have you tried this in CFMX? We have, and found
that unless the last part of the 'clean' URL ended in .cfm, JRun would
not know that it was parsing a ColdFusion template. Basically this meant
that we could not use the path_info cgi variable *at all* in CFMX, and
had to go back to using Apache mod_rewrite for search engine- (and
user-) friendly URLs.

> I believe that doing it within the webserver would basically
> mean that the url that's being called is captured and redirected
> rather than being gone to directly.

I don't know about isapi_rewrite, but in mod_rewrite it can be an
'opaque' redirect: i.e. the URL is rewritten (say from /articles/1/3/5
to /articles/index.cfm?volume=1&issue=3&article=5) *without* the user
being any the wiser. This is achieved using the Pass Through ([PT])

> You have no idea what's being passed, why, where, what it means, etc.

Yes you do, because you set it up.

> What happens when your looking for a file 3 directories down
> rather than 2.

I don't follow. We're layering SE-safe URLs on top (mostly) of Fusebox
apps, so we never open individual files directly. They're always
included by the app.

> How does the url rewriter know where the url stops and
> the variables begin.

Because you tell it!

> But bottom line is that if both work and both work well, the decision
> to use one over another is one of style.

The issue for us is that only mod_rewrite works, because CFMX is borked!


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