[thelist] Accessibility Ethics (WAS: RE: The need for IE-only sites?)

Tim Beadle tim.beadle at iop.org
Fri Jul 9 03:49:26 CDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 07:57, chris at martiantechnologies.com wrote:
> Yes, good Citizen. More regulation is needed. Freedom is an illusion, 
> trust in your leaders.

Or I could counter: "Yes, good Consumer. Less regulation is needed.
Responsibility is an illusion. Trust in your CEOs".

Anti-"Red Menace" paranoia won't get you very far, I'm afraid. We need
more regulation because big business, with few exceptions, consistently
puts profits before doing the right thing. Don't think that I am
anti-profit or anti-capitalist; I'm not. I just think that companies
have responsibilities which, unless they're compelled to meet them by
law, will be ignored in a race to boost shareholder dividends.

> As for spam and viruses, I hear lots of whining about them but I don't
> see much [personal] evidence. That's because instead of bleating on
> about how someone else should be protecting me from the nasty e-threats,
> I do it myself.

Good for you. Most people aren't as savvy as you, though. Hence the rise
of worms, trojans, viruses and the attendant threat to the web as a
whole - just look at Blaster, Sasser or any of the many recent, more
insidious malware about.

> This has been an interesting thread with some really good references - 
> thanks to all.

It's been entertaining, for sure...

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