[thelist] Video Frustration

Phil West PhilW at ctn.co.uk
Fri Jul 9 03:55:55 CDT 2004

Hi Russ,

As a suggestion, try downloading and playing with Windows Media Encoder v7.1
(v9 is available but ive found that codecs arent entirely backwardly
compatible). Theres plenty of support and further tools/apps accompanying
WMEncoder on the Microsoft site.

You can download a copy of it from:

Theres a wizard which will take you through setting up the entire encoding
process, including video window-size etc, although im not sure why you want
to "rotate" the video? Sounds like you filmed something with the camera
laying on its side?!! :)

If youre anti-MS or would like to give your users options, then have a look
at Real Producer v8. Very similar in principle to WM Encoder...

Download it from: http://artemis.eap.gr/eeyem/en_wp.asp (#2 in the middle
DARK grey box)

FAQs: http://www.attenza.com/mvu/more_faq/1,,1+11+26144,00.html

As for encoding using Quicktime, i believe "Sorenson Squeeze" can do the
job, although im no expert... 

Hows your Flash MX?! You can embed and compress videos in that too, although
IMO the video compression tool isnt the greatest - it tends to loose quality
easily AND keep the filesize. Again, my experience is limited.

Potential search criteria: streaming video, encoding, video compression,
Windows Media Encoder (loads on MS site), RealPlayer/RealProducer, bitrates,
backwardly compatible codecs (COde-DECode).



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I'm a supreme video novice.  I have Premiere and the Classroom in a
book--and so far not enough time.  I'm trying to figure out the easiest
way (and using QuickTime Pro is an option, too) to rotate and scale down
the size of my movie that I've captured.

Can anyone recommend any quick pointers or direct me to some tutorials,
etc.?  I'm so novice I'm not quite sure what terms to search on and my
frustration is increasing?

Thanks in advance for any quick tips.


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