[thelist] HR - CSS - Space on IE6+, NS6+ & NS4+

Brian W. Reaves brian at brianreaves.com
Fri Jul 9 11:14:21 CDT 2004

I can't seem to find any information on closing the gap below or above a 
<hr /> using IE6+, NS6+ & NS4+ (I am running W2K). These gaps don't 
appear on any other browses I can test from (Mo1+, Op6+, FF0.9).

Here's a test link: http://brianreaves.com/projects/ddi/temp/
Here's a page I am working on: http://brianreaves.com/projects/ddi/

Any ideas?

I may have to just create a large area to place the image in and color 
the background of it.


Brian W. Reaves

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