[thelist] Re: Security hole found in Mozilla browser

Greg Holmes greg.holmes at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 12:43:01 CDT 2004

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>Anyone work in a large environment that has some
>tips on where I can look for deployment solutions
>(something that we can use to push these, and other,
>updates to users automatically)? Despite what I
>might appear on this list (a Microsoft booster),
>we've always offered Mozilla to all staff in our
>area as part of our standard Ghost image, however
>we have a devil of a time keeping it "up-to-date"
>(probably because we're not cognizant of the best
>way of doing it).

The actual change in the patch is, if I understand
correctly, a couple of lines in a couple of text


There's undoubtedly an easy way in whatever remote
management tools you use to push that out?

Greg Holmes

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