[thelist] PHP/MySQL odd problem

Mr. Tenuta dtportnoy at videotron.ca
Fri Jul 9 12:58:44 CDT 2004


Well here's my problem:

$res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM freeroll_menu WHERE category = 'freeroll_main' ORDER BY order_num", $link);

Seems I can't use SELECT twice on the same page... I have no clue why, anyone ever run into this problem? The syntax works the first time but not the second time. When i do: or die(mysql_error()); It dies but doesn't report any error... 

My connection is started properly and closed properly, i'm baffled.

mysql_error is working in other cases. Now i'm working on a new server using the defaults on php 4.3.2. 

Thanks for your help,

Lawrence Tenuta @ neoDesignz

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