[thelist] PHP/MySQL odd problem

Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 18:55:12 CDT 2004

> ... QUERY 1 works while QUERY 2 dies with no error.
> If I put QUERY 2 first it works fine, but then QUERY1 won't execute.
> It could be a server issue...

Ok, we are nearing a stabbing-in-the-dark zone here, but have you
tried using a different name for the result variable for the second

I say this only because php.net says:

"When you are done with the result set, you can free the resources
associated with it by calling mysql_free_result(). Although, the
memory will automatically be freed at the end of the script's

And, while I would think that is referring literally to the memory,
which would not be inseverably tied to the variable name, I really
don't know. It's worth a try, eh?


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Department of Psychology
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