[thelist] printing question

Jonathan Doblados jjdoblados at cepalco.com.ph
Fri Jul 9 19:18:08 CDT 2004

> I have a simple html page that is a pop-up with results of a staff
> directory search.
> Right now I have a simple button that uses window.print() when clicked
> to print the
> page.
> I would like to have more control of the printed page through formating.
> Currently the Print and Close buttons show and the paper margins cut-off
> the Title.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Thanks


I usually use an iframe whose width and height are set to zero (so it won't
show), and src is a separate section of code, or a separate file; depends
where you're more comfortable.
Then you can make a JavaScript function to print the iframe when the Print
button is clicked.

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