[thelist]Security hole found in Mozilla browser

Heather Quinn hqevolt at windyhilldesign.com
Sat Jul 10 03:42:36 CDT 2004

Thanks for that link, which led to the following article that mentions 
how monocultures (like ubiqitous use of IE) expose an environment (like 
the web) to disease (i.e., security breaches, etc.):


Helge Karlsen wrote:

> Developers at the open-source Mozilla Foundation have confirmed that 
> the latest version of their Web browsers have a security flaw that 
> could allows attackers to run existing programs on the Windows XP 
> operating system.
> http://news.com.com/Security+hole+found+in+Mozilla+browser/2100-1002_3- 
> 5262676.html?tag=nefd.top
> Helge Karlsen

Heather Quinn

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