[thelist] printing question

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 10 10:19:07 CDT 2004

On Saturday, July 10, 2004, at 04:26 AM,  
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
> I have a simple html page that is a pop-up with results of a staff  
> directory search.
> Right now I have a simple button that uses window.print() when clicked  
> to print the
> page.
> I would like to have more control of the printed page through  
> formating. Currently the Print and Close buttons show and the paper  
> margins cut-off the Title.

Look into print style sheets. They work in more modern browsers.  
Basically it's just a regular style sheet with media="print" as an  
attribute to the link tag. You can set font-size meaningfully in points  
here as well as hide elements you don't want printed and reveal hidden  
elements you do and in the colors (or lack of) that you prefer.

More details here:



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