[thelist] fonts - ok not to define them?

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 10 17:08:29 CDT 2004

A friend of mine said that the text on my web site is not clear and is 
difficult to read. I immediately thought maybe he has a Mac and it's 
the font smoothing, but no, he doesn't use a Mac. I didn't define a 
font-family (but I did scale down the size a bit) for the site and I do 
not use any images as text. He said the contrast is ok, but the text is 
too jagged to read.

What's the default Windows IE font? Is it jagged at certain resolutions 
or sizes? Is it considered poor form to not define a font? Especially 
since most people probably do not know they can choose a default font? 
Should I always define a font for Windows users and let other browsers 
retain the default font? I rather like sites that don't define the 
font, and I can usually recognize them right away since I chose an 
unusual default font.


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