[thelist]Security hole found in Mozilla browser

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Jul 11 06:33:47 CDT 2004

From: "Burhan Khalid" <thelist at meidomus.com>
Subject: Re: [thelist]Security hole found in Mozilla browser

: Ken Schaefer wrote:
: > Anyone work in a large environment that has some tips on
: > where I can look for deployment solutions (something that we
: > can use to push these, and other, updates to users automatically)?
: I'm not sure if this applies to your environment, but there is a
: functionality in Windows Servers which allows you to "push"
: software for certain users (either by user groups, or indiviudal
: accounts).

You need an MSI installer package for this to work (and preferably with
documentation to create your own .mst transform).

We use this a lot for various bits of software (Windows service packs,
Office, Acrobat etc), but as far as I'm aware, Mozilla is not available with
a .msi installer (and I don't think we'd be confidant enough creating our
own). Thanks for the suggestion though.

: This also helps when the computer needs to be replaced. All
: you do is get a new computer, add it to the network, and when
: the user logs in, all their programs are installed.

It is very handy. Software can be allocated on a per machine, or per user
basis, and installed (and updated) when the machine boots, or the user logs
on. Alternatively, you can publish software that the user can manually
install without needing elevated privileges. Novell has a similar product
called Zenworks.


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