[thelist] Time Triggered Events on Server

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Mon Jul 19 08:26:40 CDT 2004

El lun, 19-07-2004 a las 15:05, Rob Smith escribió:
> Hi,
> Let's say for example that I want to be emailed at 4:59pm this afternoon
> telling me that I have one minute left before I can go home. Or in another
> example, I want the server to check for data every second and when new data
> is found, it sends me an email. Or, I want to build an auction site on my
> Intranet. Employees would place items of for bids from time to time and set
> a time limit for how long they want to sell the item for. When time has
> expired, determined by the server, it sends an email to the bidding winner,
> or to the seller who's not sold their item. 
> How do I do this?

Unix? Using crontab

Win? I think it has a crontab-like utility, but i'm not sure

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