[thelist] Time Triggered Events on Server

Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
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I should have warned you I'm sorry, I used to be heavy into that
software after the auction big craze a few years ago, then fell off my
radar when I got other projects.  I went back like a month ago, they
used to be free, and open source license, and it was a pretty simple
three file setup, but now I guess he wants to make money, I cant blame
him, a lot of people made money off of that script a while back.

Anyway I sent you the link because he handles a lot of automation and
end times of auctions in a very simple way, and it works, and so I
though it would give you some ideas.


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>I would suggest. http://www.everysoft.com/auction.html 
Very cool. I browsed around a bit and examined the license agreements.
referenced a lot about reselling the tool. However, I wanted to use the
for a client. Upon entering the forums I get blasted by this comment:

There is a listing of Third-party vendors of the code to sell the
script by everysoft. I'm debating on building an auction site, but if I
use this one for my commercial site, all the better.

Comments? Experiences?

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