[thelist] Simple php notes script

russgri at xarahost.com russgri at xarahost.com
Mon Jul 19 15:18:36 CDT 2004

> >Anyone know of a good simple notes script? I need only to incorporate it
> >into a CMS to leave myself 'todo' notes.

Try AzzCardfiles http://www.azzcardfile.com/

I do lots of research and handle lots of snippets.

Just a hint.
Use only one cardfile for everything.  Save as ...you new card something
like 1stuff and make a new card for everthing or subject.
then type something like 2 or three letters  in the filter at the top of the
subject column and it will bring up all the titles that contain those 2 or 3
I have over a thousand cards on that one page and use the keyword to locate
Read carefully what the programmer says on his site...try it for free and
then something like $10

Russell Griechen
I also use ClipCache Plus

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