[thelist] Simple php notes script

divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Mon Jul 19 16:35:14 CDT 2004

Hmm that AZZ CardFile program is sweet :) I actually use patternbook for
very simple things and keynote for more complex notes/code snippets. I've
also used gbCodeLib which is great for code keeping.

I'm actually looking for something very very simple to add to my current CMS
of choice (web-based, php, mysql, flatfiles perhaps). My to-do notes will be
like "remember to add background color...". I will need to list, add, edit
and delete from just a few fields in a db table (date, notes, completed
tick). Mainly, I'd like to incorporate into the CMS as a quick notes
section. A blogger would be a bit over the top for something this simple.

I don't have the proficiency on scripting for db management, but I've thus
far been able to create my table, list entries and add entries with my crude
knowledge. I've also tried Noteskeeper (from phpdevshed.com) which is
certainly along the lines of what I need, but needs register_globals =
*whatever mine is NOT set to* on my shared space :) Perhaps if I find the
solution to using scripts that require this option I will have my solution.
Seems I remember this somewhere.


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