[thelist] Re: A Beginner Freelance Question

Webmaster webmaster at tribal-treble.com
Tue Jul 20 15:59:20 CDT 2004

 >What is your time worth to you?
 >That said, good luck getting a job doing basic HTML for $100/hour :-)
 >That won't happen.

Seems that a bunch of these replies never came through in my email -- odd, 
i get that a lot. Does anybody else get their lists cut off in their email?
Anyway, to clear up some more confusion, i was just referring to back in 
the day when i saw HTML was usually around $100/hr/page. I will be doing 
the page in XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS2.0.
Thank you, Ken.

To Bob Haroche, I thank you profusely for your input, i will keep this and 
read it over to better my knowledge and pricing. :)

To Erik Mattheis, Thank you. Yes, $100/hr may be steep for valid XHTML/CSS2 
-- so as i mentioned i will think it over... I am also in Canada, so i want 
to keep a good and comparable fee to wot the mighty internet standard USD 
fee would be.

To Michael Pemberton and Suzanne, thank you kindly. Im glad to see that I 
had, for the most part, very positive replies to the question.

I wish you all the best, thank you.

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