[thelist] A new mySQL/Windows install method...

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Wed Jul 21 02:05:04 CDT 2004

jsWalter wrote:

> For those interested, I have a new install method for mySQL and
> windows...
>     http://torres.ws/dev/php/walters_way_mysql.txt
> I'd like some feedback on this technique and on the document in general.


   Good job overall, just a few minor nitpicks about the document itself:

1. #1 doe not come with sample ini files, so, use these.
2. Install #3 as normal windows apps. (needs to be app or application)

   Also, you should mention that on Windows 98/95, there is no concept 
of "service". In addition, when you use the winmysqladmin program, it 
sets up the monitor (the traffic light icon) to startup when Windows 
starts ... which also starts up MySQL.  Your way will just install the 
service.  You can get the same effect by modifying the service to start 
up automatically (from the Services control panel, or by running 
services.msc from Start --> Run).


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