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Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 20 20:40:14 CDT 2004

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> Sitepoint offers "The Web Design Business Kit" by Brendon Sinclair
> (http://www.sitepoint.com/books/freelance1/) for sale. I've considered
> purchasing it for some time and I'm wondering if any of you out there
> have had any personal experience with it. Was it worthwhile, or not?
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> Personally I thought it was a complete rip-off - luckily my work paid
> for it not me!

I downloaded the free sample. It seems a bit simplistic. But it has 
some good ideas and things to think about. It is really a business 101 
book, not really a web design business book.

He's right that if you go into business for yourself you are in the 
business of selling, not in the business of whatever it is that you are 
doing (web design in this case.) What really turned me off, though, was 
when I got to the chapter where he said he can't do graphics, can't 
program to save his life, and doesn't do web design. Huh? Yeah, what he 
is is the sales person, and the CEO. He sells the web design, runs the 
business, and others do all the work.

That's fantastic, but I don't want to do only selling, I want to be the 
one who does the work. So, in a way I suppose it's valuable knowledge 
to know that my business would probably not succeed for me not having 
the sales/CEO orientation toward such an enterprise.


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