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Wed Jul 21 08:20:45 CDT 2004

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> all I am asking is this: How much
> do you think seems like a good price for a fresh XHTML/CSS redesign of a
> site (not redoing any content text), its 10 pages in total, flat file site?

I can't comment on this specific job you are seeking but....You can only
charge what you can get. It depends on your area, how much work you have,
how low you are willing to go to secure the job, etc....
I generally look at it like this, I'd rather work cheap than have nothing to
do. Also, you mentioned more possible STEADY work from these guys. To me,
getting the steady paycheck that you can count on is worth cutting them a
deal for the update. I do it with clients all the time., especially if they
are going to host with me, have me do the design work, future updates,
etc....sometimes I even end up doing IT work, and on a couple of occasions
partner projects.
I know you wanted a $ amount type answer, but I think maybe  you should
think in terms of long term earning potential in addition to the job at hand
and bid with all those considerations in mind. Just don't bid so low that
you resent doing the work  ;)
Just my 2 cents worth....I am sure you will get lot's of other opinions.

Steve Edge

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