[thelist] An SMTP service without authentication

Jeff Wilhelm thelist at summit7solutions.com
Wed Jul 21 12:23:36 CDT 2004

You could just throw a Win2000 / 2003 (or any Linux distro) box in there
that serves as a SMTP relay. Keep it inside their network, that way you
don't have to worry about other people using it. No authentication is
necessary on it. Then configure that box to relay to an outside mail server.


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Message from  at Wednesday, July 21, 2004 8:35 AM: 

> Hi
> I've a client that has some software that sends orders by
> email. It appears it doesn't support SMTP servers that
> require authentication. It's fairly old software and
> although there's an update available, he prefers the old
> version.    
> It might sound like a daft question, but where can I go
> to get an email service this software will use, ie. an
> SMTP server that doesn't require authentication?  
> Or .. am I barking up the wrong tree.
> Cheers
> J

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