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Dan McCullough dmccullough at garnethill.com
Wed Jul 21 14:50:45 CDT 2004

This is the same problem that my wife runs into.  She is not a sales
person, shes is a designer.  She doesn't like to do it, and doesn't have
the time to do it, but she has to.

About your comment about freelance sales people, I can tell you right
now from experience with "web designers/developers" up where I live,
most of the sales people are selling designs/services/hosting and doing
a crappy job of it, because they don't know what they are doing, but
they get people to pay, and then when it fails after a couple of months
the client is afraid to try anyone else as that person has ruined it for
the true professionals.  But the sales people don't feel its necessary
to hook up with designers/programmers because they can get people to
signup with them without having to split anything.  Again I am speaking
about what I have seen go on up here where I live.

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Diane has hit the nail squarely on the flat bulgy part that is supposed
to be struck. At least for me. Seems we need to hook up with the
freelance sales people and we could seriously....do stuff.

patrick sanders
web sites that fit

Diane Soini wrote:
> On Tuesday, July 20, 2004, at 04:03 AM,
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org
> wrote:
>> ------------------------------
>> Sitepoint offers "The Web Design Business Kit" by Brendon Sinclair
>> (http://www.sitepoint.com/books/freelance1/) for sale. I've
>> purchasing it for some time and I'm wondering if any of you out there
>> have had any personal experience with it. Was it worthwhile, or not?
>> ------------------------------
>> Personally I thought it was a complete rip-off - luckily my work paid
>> for it not me!
> I downloaded the free sample. It seems a bit simplistic. But it has
> good ideas and things to think about. It is really a business 101
> not really a web design business book.
> He's right that if you go into business for yourself you are in the
> business of selling, not in the business of whatever it is that you
> doing (web design in this case.) What really turned me off, though,
> when I got to the chapter where he said he can't do graphics, can't
> program to save his life, and doesn't do web design. Huh? Yeah, what
> is is the sales person, and the CEO. He sells the web design, runs the
> business, and others do all the work.
> That's fantastic, but I don't want to do only selling, I want to be
> one who does the work. So, in a way I suppose it's valuable knowledge
> know that my business would probably not succeed for me not having the
> sales/CEO orientation toward such an enterprise.
> Diane
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