[thelist] HTML is not enough [WAS: A Beginner Freelance Question]

Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 21 15:53:11 CDT 2004

--- Tom Dell'Aringa <pixelmech at yahoo.com> wrote:

> If you want to be more on the engineer side, it's worse :) (Glad I
> ain't there).

For backend, you're gonna need:
--filesystem manipulations
--proficiency with full-featured text editor.
--Mastery of database design (you'll be designing, building, and
maintaining them (at least until the DBAs get in and take over (and
you want them to)))
--security (ssl, ssh, certifs, cross-site scripting, etc)
--solving concurrency issues
--data transformation
--strong scripting (ASP, PHP, some JavaScript, JSP maybe)
--and you need to be able to code validating html by hand.
-- too many others to count
-- On the plus side, almost zero graphic work. (GIMP is "good

In addition, good communication skills, good documentation skills
(not code (that's assumed), user/admin docs), good analysis skills
and finally, good estimating skills.

Further: attention to detail, experience with management reporting,
experience with disconnected apps and datasets. Networking.

(i'll stop now)

Finally: get to know Professor Google and his assistants the Mailing Lists

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